Air Similan orders five Boeing 737-800

Air Similan orders five Boeing 737-800

Paris, May 5, 2020 | Air Similan has today reached an agreement with Boeing for the acquisition of new aircraft.

The member company of MyFlightway Group signed today a contract formalizing the acquisition of five Boeing 737-800 Next Generation fitted with Split Scimitar Winglets in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption of Air Similan.

These new aircraft will complement and diversify our short-haul fleet so far made up exclusively of Airbus A320-214.

These new aircraft will be registered as F-MFLA, F-MFLB, F-MFLC, F-MFLD and F-MFLE.

While our Airbus A320 are configured to accommodate 16 passengers in real business class seats - with latest generation flat beds and screens - and 138 in economy class, the Boeing 737-800 will be able to accommodate a total of 172 passengers in a configuration in two classes, including 20 passengers in a so-called European Business class, a redesigned class for shorter flights or whose demand for Business class is lower compared to other destinations. Passengers traveling on this aircraft, in the absence of Business class flat beds or individual screens, will nonetheless benefit from the excellent Air Similan service, as well as a meal adapted to the duration of the flight and the final destination.

The French airline commented: “After rigorous market studies, we have concluded that adding a new type of aircraft to our short and medium-haul fleet would be beneficial in the long term. The Boeing 737-800 is a safe aircraft that fully meets our expectations for domestic routes or near our borders, as well as routes popular with tourists."