Air Similan takes off

Air Similan takes off

Paris, May 1, 2020 | After several months of development, our virtual airline Air Similan is finally taking off. 

Driven by the desire to see a French virtual airline using the codes of a real, professional and quality company, we embarked on the Air Similan project. Founding company of MyFlightway Group, Air Similan was created to look as much as possible like a real airline. Proudly wearing the colors of MyFlightway and operating on IVAO, we aim in the future for certification on their network. Our organization is based in Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG / LFPG). As of this day, we operate to a large number of short-haul destinations in France and in Europe using a star network organized around our hub, thanks to a fleet not yet completely completed made up of aircraft last generation. Our network is also visible right now on the site. This star system should disappear very soon and give way to completely new lines which will not necessarily be connected directly to Paris.

We make it a point of honor on safety, professionalism and of course, most importantly, the pleasure of flying for our crews. Air Similan is above all a means of bringing together aviation enthusiasts around their passion, just like MyFlightway has been for over a year. This is why accessibility to a pilot position is not difficult and that no piloting experience is required except a few vital bases which are tested during a short exam to pass for join the company. Our systems are safe, easy to use, accessible to everyone and will certainly help you improve on your favorite flight simulators.

We use Discord as a discussion platform. All our pilots must have this social network to be able to be reached by other pilots or the Air Similan team. This platform will allow pilots to talk to each other around their passion (or not) in voice or text, to talk of course about the airline, to access the latest information about Air Similan or even to make line suggestions or concerning the functioning of our organization. The use of this platform facilitates communication between all pilots and staff and fully fits into our policy of meeting enthusiasts. Our server will however only be accessible to Air Similan members.

We hope that our professionalism or our quality service will succeed in distinguishing us from other virtual airlines.

If our project is ambitious, it cannot be achieved without you. If you think you are interested, you can apply now on our site.