Fleet news, Air Similan relies more on Boeing 777-300ER

Fleet news, Air Similan relies more on Boeing 777-300ER

Paris, May 22nd, 2023 | Air Similan is proud to announce significant fleet developments, demonstrating its continued commitment to operational excellence and passenger comfort.

Over the past year, Air Similan has made strategic investments in its fleet by ordering new Airbus and Boeing aircraft. To strengthen its medium-haul fleet, the airline has added four additional Airbus A320-200 "Sharklets" to its fleet, bringing the total number of A320 owned by Air Similan to ten. The aircraft, equipped with Sharklets, offer up to a 4% reduction in fuel costs and a 185 km increase in range compared to the previous version with wingtip fences. The new aircraft are registered F-MFEG, F-MFEH, F-MFEI, and F-MFEJ, and bear the prestigious names "Le Bourget", "Rochefort", "Orléans" and "Nancy". Configured to accommodate 168 passengers in a two-class configuration, these aircraft are successfully operated by Air Similan from their bases at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly..

In addition, in May 2022, Air Similan also expanded its 737 fleet by ordering four more Boeing 737-800, bringing the total number of 737-800 aircraft to ten. These new aircraft are equipped with "Split Scimitar Winglets", which further optimize the aircraft's aerodynamics. Three of the four Boeing 737 have already been delivered, while the last one is expected in the next few days. With their registrations F-MFLG, F-MFLH, F-MFLI, and F-MFLJ, and their respective names of "Mulhouse", "Orly", "Perpignan" and "Limoges", these aircraft are configured to accommodate 172 passengers in a two-class configuration, thus offering optimal comfort to Air Similan passengers.

In parallel with these developments, Air Similan has made strategic decisions to optimize its long-haul operations. After extensive discussions with Boeing, the airline has decided to exchange its two current Boeing 787-9 (F-MFXA and F-MFXB) for two Boeing 777-300ER, in order to strengthen its long-haul fleet. The decision is also a result of recent delivery problems experienced by Boeing with its 787. The two Boeing 787-9 will soon leave the Air Similan fleet and will be replaced by two new Boeing 777-300ER in the coming weeks. The new aircraft, F-MFYC and F-MFYD, known as "Lyon" and "Nice", will be configured to seat 352 passengers in a three-class configuration. They will offer a premium flying experience with 36 state-of-the-art business class seats, 52 premium economy seats, and 264 economy seats.

In addition, the two Boeing 787-9 included in the letter of intent signed a year ago will be replaced by two Boeing 777-300ER, bringing the total number of Boeing 777 in the letter of intent to four.

These changes to Air Similan's fleet will have a direct impact on its flight network. In the coming days, the airline will adapt its routes to offer passengers the same level of comfort as before, while operating the flights previously operated by Boeing 787-9 with the new Boeing 777-300ER. Passengers will benefit from a more spacious and comfortable cabin while continuing to enjoy the popular destinations Air Similan serves.

Air Similan is proud of these significant advancements in its fleet and network, which demonstrate its ongoing commitment to innovation, passenger comfort, and customer satisfaction. The airline remains committed to providing exceptional travel experiences, combining safety, efficiency, and excellence on every flight.